A Matter of Time in a Game of Chance

25 x 35.5" Gouache and Watercolour

25 x 35.5" Gouache and Watercolour


I often think to myself that life is little more than a game and sometimes this is a thought that provides me a degree of comfort. However, whilst pondering this chain of thought one day I related it to the way our species live upon our planet. We are gradually becoming more aware of the impact our lifestyles are having upon our natural environment and yet largely we continue 'taking chances' with it by carrying on regardless hoping that the dice will keep falling in our favour.

We are also on the verge of stepping out of our earthly habitat in search of alternative planets that have the potential to sustain us. Will this be our salvation or our downfall? Will luck be on the side of man or will nature prevail at man's demise?

In this painting the time element not only refers to time running out within this game we are playing but also reminds us that time itself is only a concept we have devised to serve our earthly existence, as our physical form in this dimension dissolves, so too do the mechanics of our time construct....here we exist as temporal and  physical matters of time.

Original Painting (25 x 35.5 inches) £6,250


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