Cosmic Connection

24 x 32" Gouache & Watercolour

24 x 32" Gouache & Watercolour


I never cease to be lured by the sight of the moon. It transports me into a zone of magic and mystery. But it amazes me how quickly I seem to forget its existence as soon as it disappears from view. This makes me realise how limited our reality is if based purely on that which we can see...this painting depicts that which we can't.

Existing within a network of energy and unseen forces our planet  suspends in space. A halo of  gases and magnetic forces envelop life on earth protecting it from elements we cannot withstand.  A bright and observable mass of rock orbits Earth. We feel a connection with this rock we call the moon, it is something we can see, it is a part of us, but it too exists suspended within the invisible network.


Original Painting £2,995 (24 x 32 inches)

Also available as a giclée print

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