Dawn Of Life

24 x 32" Acrylic on board

24 x 32" Acrylic on board


 Inspired by unusual rock formations this painting explores an idea of the conception of early life. As somebody who is drawn equally to the theories of science and to those of a more metaphysical nature I have mixed ideas about the creation and evolution of life. 

In this image life forms out of the primordial soup and elements escape into the ether. Even the principle of Yin and Yang is in its infancy represented by the foetal figures in the bubble - a metaphorical womb that is birthing light and dark, day and night...

The rocks have a similar appearance to cracking eggs, another reference to the birthing of new life. They rise from an 'ocean' of gas and minerals as the first light of a new star rises on the horizon. A new era has begun, one of organic life and awakening consciousness.


Original Painting £2,995 (24 x 32 inches)

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