duality of the soul

20 x 20" Gouache on Illustration Board

20 x 20" Gouache on Illustration Board


Inspired by my background as a dancer I enjoy sketching the human form in motion. This dynamic duo externalises the inner conflict I so often feel. As if guided by two opposing forces many of us feel torn about the directions we should take in life. The female figure represents the part of me that has a tendency to want to run away from situations, the male figure is the grounding force which pulls me back. 

As the swirling composition suggests it is a chaotic state of cycles and change, in and out of unity with the universe.  

Duality is a theme that features heavily in my current paintings, Our lives are dictated by  opposites (good and evil, hot and cold, male and female, night and day...) that exist side by side in the same moment. Though these opposite states may at first appear to be conflicting there is a symbiosis to their disparate existences. I believe that oneness with the soul can be found if the extremes of duality can be quietened.

Original Painting £1,475 (20 x 20 inches)