25 x 34" Gouache & Watercolour

25 x 34" Gouache & Watercolour


This image represents an ecosystem of life interconnected and in balance.

Just as the trees have an interlocking root system so too do the figures of male and female. All are sustained by Earth's nourishment, all reach skywards in their journey towards further growth.

Spirals and circles are used throughout this painting  as symbols of Universal origin and evolutionary potential.  Echoing this theme a snail has been incorporated - he is a symbol of fertility and cycles of renewal. His cosmos is the forest floor and the water's edge but he plays an important part within the ecosystem beyond his sphere of existence. Fish beneath the water and a bird in the sky reinforce the theme of evolution, they too have replenishing roles to play within this system. The birds in flight allude to travel through dimensions as night and day exist simultaneously.

Original Painting £3,800 (25 x 34 inches) 

(Also available as a LIMITED EDITION PRINT)

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