From The Rocks

25 x 34" Gouache & Watercolour on Paper

25 x 34" Gouache & Watercolour on Paper


Based on the idea of a cave-like ecosystem this painting evolved in my mind to that of a microcosmic habitat. Glow-worms shining from the dark walls, sea urchins, barnacles and starfish clinging to the sea-drenched rocks...the stars and planets of this miniature Universe.

The distant volcano erupts with new life - a supernova in this cosmos spreading fresh minerals. Life emerges from the newly settled  bedrock and an everlasting bond is established between earth and its offspring represented by the figures whose forms mutate form their island of rock.

The male and female figures represent the yin and yang of man, a relationship of opposing forces yet mutual needs and attraction. The male force of man is symbolic of Earth absorbing the sun's energy to sustain life. He stands between the heat of the light and the cool of the moon which is symbolised by the female figure. Though only in the half light of the sun and of smaller size, the moon exerts a power essential to Earth. They exist in a state of co-dependence just as does each organism of the ecosystem and each star in the galaxy.    

Original Painting £3,800 (25 x 34 inches)

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