Joy - A Branch of Happiness

24 x 30" Gouache on Watercolour Paper


This painting depicts a  timeless and careless moment of joy, a euphoric moment of spiritual connection and absolute love of life. A feeling that needs to be grasped and held onto. 

The dandelion 'minutes' represent time suspended and transcended as the meadows and the sky spiral in towards a point of cosmic origin. The figure's head is tilted back in elation and her heart chakra radiates the bridging of earthly and spiritual aspiration. She wears her dress as the flowers wear their petals, a bright and alluring signal of budding new life and fertility. Butterflies attracted by the vibrant colour represent her soaring spirit and the transience of the moment. 


Original Painting £4,400 (24x 30 inches)

Detail (Click to enlarge):