Laws Of Attraction

24 x 32" Gouache and Watercolour

24 x 32" Gouache and Watercolour


Initially spawned out of an obsession with bubbles and the multitude of things they can represent, this painting evolved into an idea based around theories of cell division and atomic attraction. I contemplated on the premise that all matter can be broken down into the basic building blocks of atoms and that as atoms attract and bond they spark the creation of new matter. I considered how this parallels human creation; we exist independently, attract each other and then combine to create new life.

Like atoms floating in space each of us drifts through life passing countless others on our way, sometimes we are drawn towards particular others as if magnetised by unseen forces. We develop bonds of love and friendship, we create family units or cluster together because of shared common values and so by uniting forces with others life evolves into a more complex structure.


Original Painting £2,995 (24 x 32 inches)

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