Lunar Wake

30 x 24" Gouache & Watercolour

30 x 24" Gouache & Watercolour


Cosmic orbs of light dictating the patterns of life as ancient as the moon goddess herself. This painting is an abstraction of the feminine moon deity which appears throughout many cultures and myths. Here she is depicted conjoined with the cratered lunar crescent of which she represents.

The moon appears high in the earthly sky, she pulls on the oceans creating tidal rhythms and influencing the life cycles of creatures that reside beneath the waves. Upon the land which rises above the ocean Moonflowers embrace the moonlit night sky. They bloom wondrously in the darkness, holding onto the night. As the sun appears over Earth's horizon chasing away the lunar light, the moon travels on stirring change in her wake.

Original Painting £4,400 (30 x 24inches)

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