Not to forget

20 x 30" Gouache on Illustration Board

20 x 30" Gouache on Illustration Board


Walking through the woods one day some wild Forget-Me-Not  flowers caught my attention, tiny specs of blue peppering a bed of foliage like blue and white stars shining out of a green galaxy. That vision inspired this painting where a cosmic sky up high is echoed by a bed of star-like flowers down below, a parallel universe. The two 'Universes' have elemental connections; a tree and a stream that bridge the real and the surreal

As time passes and the trails we leave on Earth fade our journey through the Universe continues, Just as the moon, the sun and the stars above may disappear from view each day, forget not that they are always there.   

Original Painting £3,600 (20 x 30 inches)

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