Gouache and Watercolour 12 x 16”

Gouache and Watercolour 12 x 16”


Inspired by a female buddha figurine which I have by my bedside this image transpired out of a desire to express the beautiful feeling of peace that it imparts upon me. I think it is also an expression of my inner Bodhisattva - ‘one who seeks awakening’.

Upon showing this painting to others somebody said to me that they sensed an energy of Kuan Yin (or Guan Yin) coming through the image. I have since researched this East Asian Bodhisattva and discovered that she is venerated as a Being of wisdom destined to become a Buddha. She is known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion and a manifestation of the Divine Mother. Curiously enough she is also the holder of the Blue Pearl of Enlightenment, a jewel which has the power of infinite love and infinite compassion.

The Lotus flower is also synonymous with the Buddhist belief system as a symbol of purity and enlightenment. The ancient Egyptians also used the rare blue lotus flower as a metaphor for re-birth and of the Sun. The violet crown chakra, another concept of ancient East Asia is the portal for deeper connection with ourselves and deeper connection with a force of life that is greater than ourselves.