Shards Of Illusion

36 x 30" Gouache & Watercolour

36 x 30" Gouache & Watercolour


A shattered sky beneath a splintering galaxy, this painting depicts the fragmentation of a perceived reality. A reality based only upon as far as our human eyes can see, a reality thus based on a limited perspective. Who knows what lies beyond our scope of vision? Perhaps the 'truth' which our eyes allow us to observe is nothing but an optical illusion? 

This idea of physical 'reality' being merely a construct of perspective is a metaphor for how we live our lives  emotionally too. Wrapping walls of illusion  around ourselves we create zones of comfort which become the personal realities we choose to inhabit. Our tendency is to resist having the illusions of these realities shattered by change or outside forces even though they may bring us closer to a place of light and love.

Perhaps we need to look further than we can see and open ourselves up to a world of unknown potential beyond those walls?  If we truly understood the impermanence of our being would we be so resistant of the 'Big Beyond'?


Original Painting £5,200 (36 x 30 inches) 

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