Soul Reflections

30 x 20" Gouache on Watercolour Board

30 x 20" Gouache on Watercolour Board


A solitary soul reflects on the strength and glory of nature gazing in rapture towards a bright light rising over a distant horizon.

This painting was kindled as I stood one stormy day on a beach in Northern England. As I watched great clusters of nebulous foam being wind-blown from the crashing waves I contemplated the journey of those foam clouds,

In this painting the foam-inspired bubbles represent the cycles of the elements of air and water and their transformations from one state to another. In constant motion these elements rise and fall, their molecules nourishing the life they touch and move through. How many times have they travelled their journey, where did their passage begin and where does it end? Their unknown stories reflect those of souls whose odysseys too are of ethereal origin and destination.


Original Painting £2,500 (30 x 20 inches)

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