To Touch The Intangible

20 x 36" Gouache on Watercolour Paper

20 x 36" Gouache on Watercolour Paper


This painting depicts the chasing of evanescent dreams. That fleeting moment when transitioning from a state of the subconscious to a wakeful state of the conscious, the moment that the dream escapes tangibility. Two incongruous yet co-existing states of being represented by male and female forms, slowly parting as wakefulness dawns.

Falling leaves represent the transition from one state to another whilst the fungi thrive from their fallen decay growing stronger in their hallucinatory powers. The butterflies are dream bringers to some Native American tribes and also widely symbolise the human spirit. The 'dreamer' blends into her surroundings, during her subconscious state she is unified with nature.  

Original Painting £4,400 (20 x 36 inches)

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