22 x 30" Gouache & Acrylic

22 x 30" Gouache & Acrylic


 This painting represents  journeys of discovery, both that which modern space exploration is taking us on but also that of the human spirit.

Earth is depicted here as one of a plethora of planets travelling through time and space. Voyaging on this life-sustaining orb is mankind; man is the grounding rock element, woman is  mutable water. A distant light shines upon earth and its passengers, it is a light that nourishes and guides.

Man has always associated light with divine beings, creators and miraculous forces. It is commonly believed that light is where goodness, hope and love reside. The Voyagers here are united by their own worldly bond and surrounded by the light of  universal love, the man and woman journey on to a place of greater understanding.  


 Original Painting £2,695 (22 x 30 inches)

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